Friends of the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site

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Be Sure to Save March 24 & 25 for the BIOblitz at the JCNHS Boyhood Farm... We hope to see you there!

What We’re Doing

We would like you to consider joining us in a very important project to preserve our small hometown of Plains, Georgia, and the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, as a center for personal visitors and virtual learners. Our goal is to keep our community vibrant, offer continuing learning opportunities, and most importantly, correlate the stories of bygone days and modern times. By doing so, we hope to describe how Plains has helped to shape our lives and public careers.

Our desire is that the National Historic Site in Plains continues to thrive as an active learning center about our individual stories and the value of public service. An important element of this is our friendships and the importance of collaboration with others. We want this to be a repository not only of our own activities, but also that of our partners and the wonderful friends with whom we have worked throughout the world.

Friends of the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site will be leading this important effort, and we hope that you will join us in making it a resounding success.

Friends of the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site

Founded: 2012

Executive Director: Kim Fuller

Chairman: Jill Stuckey

Secretary/Treasurer: Penny Smith

Jimmy Carter

Rosalynn Carter

Mill Simmons

Eugene Edge

Boze Godwin

Rusha Gardner

Phil Wise

Jimmy Skipper

Mary Minion

Ruth Sanders

Jacquelynn Slappey

Jan Williams

Park Superintendent: Barbara Judy

Areas of expertise: 
fundraising, educational programs, interpretive projects and research for future generations.

Inspiring global audiences through the Carter legacy